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Natraspray Pest Control provides a number of industry leading termite protection methods and barriers.

Safe for Your
Plants & Pets

Our method and the natural pest control products we use, means that it is safe for your children, pets and plants.

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Find your nearest professional for termite protection or pest control services in Queensland and New South Wales.


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Welcome to Natraspray Pest Control
Pest control without the harmful chemicals.

Natraspray Pest Control was established on the Gold Coast in 1987. It’s development as a natural pest control service, was prompted by the growing concern of people regarding the effects that traditional pest control methods were having on their health and environment. Pesticides that affect insects have traditionally been hazardous to people.

Due to the concerns about how these chemicals might affect your health, or that of your children, pets, or the environment, scientists have conducted extensive research to find better solutions to controlling insect pests.

No mess. No smell. No stains.
No need to vacate and no need to worry!

Natraspray's range of home and garden pest control services have now spread throughout Queensland and New South Wales. With a total team of 26 licensed operators (7 on the Gold & Tweed Coast) we pride ourselves on the quality of work and service we offer. Due to our method and of course the natural pest control products we use, clients can stay in their homes and watch the operator.

Pride in the work performed, excellent backup service, and competitive pricing has ensured Natraspray’s success, and its rapid growth as a home pest control company over the past years.

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